Fishing Charters Pricing

This is a Ocean fishing boat charter, with a SIX person maximum, minus me, for a total of SIX people fishing. I am NOT a “party” or “cattle” boat. We travel at high speeds, weather permitting, to get you fishing quickly. I’m based in Eureka, CA, but I serve customers from all over Northern California: Arcata, Shelter Cove, Redding, Trinidad, Sacramento, the Bay Area.

Prices range from $175 to $275 depending on the type of fish and the type of trip. Please click on the tabs above for more details about each type of fishing trip. The type of fish will usually depend on whatever the best bite is. Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

Fishing charters make great gifts for any guy or gal, adult or child. Just read below what one of my satisfied customers, Nick Orlando, wrote me:

The Sea Weasel II will always be my favorite charter boat. You got us out to the fishing spots quickly, and you are a great guide. I appreciate the way you were able to work with Kearalyn (the 10 year old) so that she left the docks at the end of the day with a great positive feel for the sport! Not only did she land the first Halibut, she landed the largest! She’s been using those bragging rights she earned mercilessly. She has asked twice about when we can go out “…on Gary’s boat…” again. All of the adults in our party had an almost perfect day too! If only that monster Halibut (500 pounds, at least!) hadn’t slipped off my line at the side of the boat…

If you’re interested please fill out the contact form.